1. LoToJa 2017

    LoToJa 2017

    LoToJa is a cycling race that spans over 200 miles and conquers 3 mountain passes. This is the longest race in the country and people travel from all over the world to participate. This year LUX-PRO sponsored rider, Larry Peterson.

  2. LUXPRO Supports ZimbabWEcare

    LUXPRO Supports ZimbabWEcare

    LUXPRO is proud to be a major sponsor of ZimbabWEcare.  This year, headlamps, flashlights, and our new Broadbeam lights were used extensively in areas throughout the country without electricity.  For more information about ZimbabWEcare and how you can help, please visit

  3. LUX-PRO launches new website

    LUX-PRO launches new website

    Welcome to the new and improved Lux-Pro website! We are excited to share some of our newest features with you. We’ve got updated information and easier navigation to make the site friendlier to our customers. We also bring you a better design, with a more streamlined look. Our new site is all about featuring the flashlights that we manufacture, and providing you with the information you need to make the right choice for you.

  4. Lux-Pro introduces Broad Beam Surface LED technology

    Lux-Pro introduces Broad Beam Surface LED technology

    LUX-PRO introduces the BROADBEAM Surface LED technology, which is a strip LED for area lighting that is much brighter than the traditional clustered LED area lights. Its unique, futuristic look gives it the edge against the competition. This technology brings an LED that is brighter, more powerful and uses less energy than traditional LED’s.

  5. Lux-Pro introduces LPE Optics

    Lux-Pro introduces LPE Optics

    LPE optics is a new cutting edge technology! It has hybrid reflectors combined with new electronics and brighter LED’s. The hybrid reflector is unique in that it throws the light with not only a sharply focused spotlight, but also a softer area light. Its smooth reflective surface, combined with a secondary orange peel texture lower in the cone, creates a wider beam of light. When paired with our new electronics and brighter LED’s, we’ve created an outstanding flashlight.


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