About Us

LUXPRO has been in the business of engineering flashlights since 1999. In just the last decade alone, the advancements in lighting technology have been exponential and as a result, LUXPRO has been developing new flashlights constantly with ever-improving electronics, higher lumen values and greater durability.

The company mission has been constant innovation and improvement while emphasizing extremely competitive pricing.

The unique challenge that LUXPRO has overcome is offering affordability for consumers while maintaining premium, state-of-the-art components, capabilities, run times and modes for almost every possible genre of lighting.

LUXPRO provides innovative and affordable lights for work, play and safety. Located in the heart of Utah, we love being outdoors and experiencing the elements. We encourage and promote a lifestyle that takes you outdoors to enjoy the wonder and awe of this amazing planet. Our products are designed with innovations and reliability built-i so you can focus on your awesome adventures.

Giving back is important to the LUXPRO team and we are making efforts to give back by sponsoring photographers, athletes and non profit organizations. Our team has been honored to have the oppurtunity to be a continous sponsor of ZimbabWEcare, which is a nonprofit team dedicated to health care assistance and the promotion of education in rural Africa. The ZimbabWEcare team travels to Africa each year to distribute materials and health care services to those in need. For more information click here.

Whether you are looking for the perfect lantern for camping, headlamp for climbing, trail running, or a flashlight for backpacking or to stow in your day pack our team of experts are here to help. Reach us by email or phone: 1-866-553-8886. We want to get you set up with the light you need for your next adventure!

LUXPRO is owned by Simple Products Corp.